Product Sheets

Everlasting Coatings and Paints is a manufacturer of industrial grade coatings, primers, sealants, paints, Advantage25 & EverLasting Glow products for contractors, builders & large organizations.

We have chemists available to mix specialty coatings to your specifications.  Our technicians and field representatives are fully knowledgeable of our products and can help you find the right product to do the job right the first time.

Our products include:

  • Primers & Sealers
  • Flat Latex Paint
  • Traffic Paints
  • Roof Coatings & Paints
  • Trim, Semi-Gloss, Eggshell and Satins
  • Vin-Lox Patching Compound
  • Advantage25 EC & RoofGuard
  • EverLasting Glow paint & safety systems

Product & Spec Sheets

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Acrylic Latex Traffic Paint

Floor Coating

Number 1 Primers and Sealers

Flat Latex Paint

Roof Coating

Trim, Sem-Gloss, Eggshell and Satin

Varnishes and Stains


Advantage25 EC & RoofGuard

EverLasting Glow Paint & Egress Systems