Everlasting Glow

Safety is the most important reason to install a photoluminescent directional system for evacuation during sudden blackout or smoke-laden conditions. The reliable EverLasting Glow Safety Guidance System is a complete system of non-electric, photoluminescent safety components essential for comprehensive low-level emergency evacuation and direction routing.

The EverLasting Glow components are non-electric, non-toxic and non-radioactive. Using the latest photoluminescent technology, the EverLasting Glow pigment absorbs and stores normal ambient light in the event of a sudden power outage, the stored energy is immediately visible, enabling the EverLasting Glow Safety Guidance System to provide a safe illuminated paths through dark stairwells, hallways and rooms.

The EverLasting Glow Safety Guidance System is easy and low cost to install, and because there are no bulbs to burn out, the system is virtually maintenance-free, periodic inspection for 25+ years.

Everlasting Glow

Due to the nature of The EverLasting Glow being non-electric, non-toxic and non-radioactive the possibilities of its uses are endless!  Weather it be for safety or fun, our high quality photoluminescent technology will capture and retain normal ambient light to give incredible results.


Photoluminescent Exit Signs