Our Advantage25 coatings have a durability of up to 25 years due to its resistance to solar radiation and abrasion; and its elasticity and adherence capabilities, while allowing only a small amount of dirt accumulation.

While sun and water are essential to maintain life on Earth, they both wreak havoc upon the building structures we must erect to house our population in a relatively comfortable indoor climate. Add to this the extreme changes in temperature that climate naturally brings with the change of seasons, and one must agree that there is an ongoing “tug-of-war” between man and nature. With the addition of our latest battlefront, “climate change” and our need to live in peaceful co-existence with our environment through the latest “Going Green” incentives, we find ourselves in the midst of a revolution of new ways to live with ongoing problems that have become not only more costly to each and every one of us, but also to our animal friends that inhabit our entire planet. This is where Advantage 25 comes in to try and give a helping hand.

Our line of Advantage 25 products, and especially our Advantage 25 EC Roof Coating, takes on the age-old problem of insulation and ordinary coatings and has come up with a coating that incorporates some of the technology developed by NASA for space travel, namely NASA’s development of a new thermal insulation made with special ceramics. The end product, “a special ceramic which has high reflectivity, high emissivity and low absorption allied to a very low thermal conductivity level as its principle physical properties”, is what is utilized in Advantage 25 EC Roof Coating and our other Advantage 25 products. In addition to “its thermodynamic properties, it resists impact and pressure (6000 PSI) as well as high and low temperatures (-62F and + 816F). Once the ceramic that takes the form of hollow crystalline spheres was defined, a resin was created to mix with it and apply it as a coating on the external part of roofs, walls, tanks, silos, etc.”

Advantages of Advantage25 EC Roof Coating

Our Advantage 25 EC, as well as our full product line, is an acrylic resin filled with Synthetic Ceramic with “special thermodynamic properties”. Its efficiency is based on the following characteristics:

  • High reflectivity
  • High emissivity
  • Low absorptivity
  • Low thermal conductivity value
  • The White Color, a ceramic characteristic, which naturally encourages reflectivity

Further, our Advantage 25 EC Roof Coating and related Product Line:

  • Is not attacked by UV or Infra-red rays and because it is applied externally it protects the roofs from attack by these rays.
  • Protects roofs from attack by aggressive atmospheres and it is therefore an extra
    protection against corrosion.
  • Greatly reduces contraction and dilatation of roofs (thermal shock), avoiding steel sheet stress, the appearance of micro-fissures and the wearing down of fixing points where the first leaks normally occur.
  • Due to its extreme elasticity, changes surface tension of the sheet reducing roof noise of reverberation caused by rain.
  • A layer of 17 to 20 mils is equivalent to a ceiling of 4 – 8 inches of density R20 polystyrene.
    The thermal efficiency of an extremely light and thin layer of only 17 to 20 mils allows the use of lighter structures with a single sheet as well as minimizing the problems of leaks, also contributing to a reduction in costs. In the case of non-acclimatized building, the use of a single sheet only with Advantage25 ceramic insulation will always be more efficient than any other type of sandwich tile whether it is either steel or wool or polyurethane.

We have prepared two scenarios comparing the costs of Advantage 25 EC to ordinary paints.

Everlasting Radiance

Everlasting Radiance Paint provides a full line of deluxe paints designed for interior and exterior applications. This product line includes flats, semi gloss, and egg shell. These pleasing colors can be applied to a variety of surfaces.


Our Advantage25 coatings have a durability of up to 25 years due to its resistance to solar radiation and abrasion.