About Us

EverLasting Coatings & Paints is a minority-owned, full-service manufacturer and supplier of paints, coatings, epoxy, specialty products, and related painting supplies.

Everlasting Coatings & Paints, LLC was founded by minority business owners, to promote and develop products compatible with the 21st century. “Advantage 25 EC”, the masthead of the product line, is capable of withstanding the extreme weather changes of heat, cold, wind, and rain. “Advantage 25 EC” includes a 25 year warranty, and has been Green Seal™ certified.

The founders, along with a handful of positive minded friends and family, are working to make Everlasting Coatings & Paints, LLC a nationally known company through networking with same minded individuals who understand the complexities of the environment and energy conservation. Our nation and the world are facing energy costs unforeseen in our lifetimes. Our mission is to help ensure a better life for our children, and their children’s children. Please help to improve our world by taking the time to read and understand the advantages of utilizing our products.

These products are part of the company’s sustainability initiative.

Everlasting Coating and Paints are members of the New Jersey Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.


We have also decided to donate the first $5.00 of every new order that is $50.00 or more to local charities for the next twelve months.