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EverLasting Coatings & Paints is a full-service manufacturer and supplier of paints, coatings, epoxy, specialty products, and related painting supplies. Featuring Advantage25, Advantage25 EC RoofGuard, EverLasting Glow, & EverLasting Radient products.

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Product Line

  • Advantage 25 EC Roof Coating (Green Seal Certified)
  • Advantage 25 Exterior Coating (Green Seal Certified)
  • EverLasting Glow “Glow in the Dark” Paint and related Products, ie, tape, signs, safety helmets and vests, etc.
  • EverRadiant Interior and Exterior Commercial and House Paints.
  • ECP Epoxy, Traffic Paint, and other specialty paint products.


Advantage25 is a high performance, extremely durable, long lasting, flexible permanent paint coating that provides superior thermal performance and weather protection when applied over almost any surface to fully encapsulate the substrate.

EverLasting Glow

EverLasting Glow Safety Guidance:

Easy and low cost to install, and because there are no bulbs to burn out, the system is virtually maintenance-free, periodic inspection for 25+ years.

Services Proudly Provided To

  • UDC College

  • Fort McNair Army Base

  • Bike Path Lighting

  • Citrus County Public School

  • Foulger-Pratt Choice Hotel